If you have signed up to receive The Propane Buzz newsletter but are not receiving it, here are steps you can take in order to make sure you stay informed going forward:

  1. Check your spam or junk folder and filter in your email program.  Sometimes, Propane Buzz emails find their way into these folders.  If you see our emails in these folders, you can click on them and mark them as ‘not spam’ or ‘not junk’.  Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email provider, so click on your Junk Email folder, find the email from jon@propanebuzz.com or search the folder for ‘Propane Buzz’.  When you see one of our emails, right mouse click on the email without opening it, scan down to where it says ‘Junk Mail’ and then click on ‘Mark as Not Junk’.
  2. Send an email to Jon Miller of The Propane Buzz at jon@propanebuzz.com  and ask him to check to see if our email system ‘sees’ you.  Please send the email from the email address you signed up with and/or wish to receive Propane Buzz emails.   As a sample, send Jon a note saying ‘Jon, I believe I have signed up for The Propane Buzz, but I have not been receiving it.  Can you please check on my email address of customer@customerco.com’
  3. If we cannot solve the problem this way, we need to take addition and more technical steps.  This will require you to contact your IT department, or the people that handle yoru IT needs, and have them do a few things.   The first thing would be to whitelist the following email domains: @propanebuzz.com, @flashpointep.com, @in.constantcontact.com, @in.confirmedcc.com.   The second would be to whitelist IP address ranges.   If your IT team can do this themselves, then the IP ranges are below.  If they will need to send a letter to your ISP (Internet Service Provider), that information can be found below, as well.


Letter Your Subscriber Sends to their ISP

To: ISP Customer Support
Subject: Remove Constant Contact Block

Hello. My name is (YOUR NAME HERE) and I have been a customer of your services since (LIST YOUR DURATION OF SERVICE HERE). I understand that you employ filters and/or blacklists to protect customers like myself from unsolicited email; however, this has made it impossible for me to receive newsletters, announcements, and promotions that I have requested. I value these communications and would like to receive them using this email address.

The sender of these emails uses an email marketing service called Constant Contact. Constant Contact is not an open relay and has strict anti-spam policies in place. Because your filters block emails from Constant Contact I am unable to receive these communications.

I ask that you please help me determine why these emails are being blocked. For further information about Constant Contact or to request more information from them such as log files, the Operations team can be reached at – 781.472.8103 or ops@constantcontact.com.

Mail from Constant Contact can be found by the following characteristics for whitelisting:

“Envelope from:” domains:


Sending IPs:

All mail from Constant Contact is sent from:

IP Range: –

Specific IPs sending from this range:          coi001.confirmedcc.com          coi002.confirmedcc.com          coi003.confirmedcc.com      coi103.confirmedcc.com     ccm22.constantcontact.com     ccm23.constantcontact.com     ccm24.constantcontact.com     ccm25.constantcontact.com     ccm134.constantcontact.com     ccm135.constantcontact.com     ccm26.constantcontact.com     ccm27.constantcontact.com     ccm38.constantcontact.com     ccm39.constantcontact.com     ccm165.constantcontact.com     ccm166.constantcontact.com     ccm167.constantcontact.com     ccm168.constantcontact.com     ccm169.constantcontact.com     ccm170.constantcontact.com     ccm171.constantcontact.com     ccm172.constantcontact.com     ccm173.constantcontact.com     ccm174.constantcontact.com     ccm175.constantcontact.com     ccm176.constantcontact.com     ccm177.constantcontact.com     ccm178.constantcontact.com     ccm179.constantcontact.com     ccm180.constantcontact.com     ccm181.constantcontact.com     ccm182.constantcontact.com     ccm183.constantcontact.com     ccm184.constantcontact.com     ccm185.constantcontact.com     ccm186.constantcontact.com     ccm33.constantcontact.com     ccm34.constantcontact.com     ccm35.constantcontact.com     ccm36.constantcontact.com     ccm197.constantcontact.com     ccm198.constantcontact.com     ccm200.constantcontact.com     ccm201.constantcontact.com     ccm202.constantcontact.com     ccm29.constantcontact.com     ccm30.constantcontact.com     ccm31.constantcontact.com     ccm32.constantcontact.com     mail245.nutshellmail.com     ccm37.constantcontact.com

Please contact me when this problem has been resolved.