Welcome to The Propane Buzz, a Propane industry Consulting Company and subsidiary of Flashpoint Energy Partners.

Jon Miller is the founder and primary publisher of The Propane Buzz  and also a Partner at Flashpoint Energy Partners.  He has been analyzing propane and energy markets for the better part of two decades, spending a great deal of time in Propane Wholesale and assisting customers across the United States.

The members of Flashpoint Energy Partners have a wide range of experience in the propane, butane, diesel, gasoline and natural gas industries, including trading, retail supply and logistics, rail supply and logistics and wholesale marketing.  The combined knowledge base of Flashpoint Energy Partners is poured into The Propane Buzz on a daily basis, and our experts are here to help subscribers add profits to their bottom line.


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The Propane Buzz has been in existence for the past six years and has a wide range of subscribers.  Propane retail owners and energy managers, Industry traders, NPGA board members, state propane association presidents, propane consulting companies, propane wholesalers and employees from some of the largest corporations in the energy industry.  Well over 2,200 people receive The Propane Buzz and rely on our services to one degree or another.

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