Propane Values Reach Multi-Year Highs

Propane values in TET are at their highest levels since 2014 and were it not for the freakish cold outbreak in February 2021, Conway would be, too

Winter of 2021-2022 Clues

Yesterday, I reached out to Michael Clark of, the Meteorological partners of The Propane Buzz, and asked if he had any early thoughts on climate drivers relative to the upcoming winter. As coincidence would have it, he and his team had been starting to work on that earlier in the week, so Michael had some data in hand to share with us. PLEASE NOTE, and I cannot stress this enough, these are PRELIMINARY thoughts.

Crude, Propane Values Keep Rising

Spot propane prices are three to four cents stronger this morning than where they ended last week. Crude oil values closed at $66.32 last week and are trading near $69/bbl in early morning action today and propane is following.

Line 5 Deadline Looms, Industry Should take Note

Not a great deal of new in the headlines this morning, but there is a looming date that propane people should be aware of and monitor. That date is May 12th, the date that Michigan’s governor has given (demanded?) Enbridge …

NEW Propane Buzzcast: Talking Price Projections & More

It’s been an interesting month of April already on the propane price front. We’ve seen a twenty cent drop only to see prices claw back. We have been telling you for months that volatility is the new norm, and this …

EIA: Small Build, Do Numbers Tell Us Something?

Propane inventories saw a 500,000/bbl build this week, compared to a 600,000/bbl draw one year ago this week. Inventory levels remain in the lower portion of the seven year historical range, as seen in the graph below. Here is the …