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    • Bloomberg Brief: OPEC Extends Production Cuts (Audio) May 25, 2017
      Christopher Sell, Editor of the Bloomberg Brief Oil Buyers Guide, joined Bob Moon to discuss the strategy behind OPEC’s nine-month extension of production cuts, after last year’s agreement failed to clear a global supply glut.
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    • Bloomberg Brief: Chris Sell on OPEC Production Cuts (Audio) May 19, 2017
      Christopher Sell, Editor of the Bloomberg Brief Oil Buyers Guide, joined John Tucker to discuss the oil market after a Bloomberg survey sees an extension of OPEC production cuts and a rise in US output.
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    • Bloomberg Brief: SkyBridge Alternatives Conference (Audio) May 16, 2017
      Hema Parmar, Bloomberg Brief Hedge Fund Reporter, joined John Tucker to discuss whether the SkyBridge Alternatives Conference will be different from previous years when headed by Anthony Scaramucci. The also spoke about some of the investments being made.
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    • Bloomberg Brief: Trump Tax Cuts & Municipal Bonds (Audio) May 4, 2017
      Bob Moon was joined by Amanda Albright of the Bloomberg Municipal Bond Brief, to talk about the potential effect President Trump’s tax-cut plans have on municipal bonds. They discuss the future of tax exemptions and how lowering the corporate tax rate might affect the municipal bond market.
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    • Bloomberg Brief: President Trump and the US Economy (Audio) May 1, 2017
      President Donald Trump’s first three months in office have done little to convince leading forecasters that the U.S. economy will grow much faster this year. Ben Baris, Economics Brief Editor, joined John Tucker to discuss the growth outlook, how forecasts have changed over these first three months, and what else to expect in 2017.
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