Bulls on Parade!
Posted on August 13, 2013
The bulls are out and the bears are nowhere to be found. As a trading and marketing group, we are bullish. I’ve been sharing the signs with you and we just see more reinforcement...
Bulls and Bears
Posted on August 12, 2013
Things are a bit sideways today with stronger economic news. Crude was off a bit this morning but propane didn’t blink for the first few hours. Crude is back around even on the day....
Markets are Flying
Posted on August 9, 2013
Markets are moving up incredibly fast. In fact, I just had to come back and edit this email because prices had moved up again as I was typing it. Crude is up over $1.70...
BULLS ON THE LOOSE; EIA’s Set off Powder keg
Posted on August 7, 2013
BOOM! Just like that, the markets are up over a nickel. That’s what happened today shortly after the weekly EIA’s came out showing smaller than expected inventory gains. Propane inventories showed a smaller than...
Will Propane Prices Drop or is there Room to Rise?
Posted on August 1, 2013
Will Propane Prices Drop or is there Room to Rise? We all wish we had the answer to those questions, but we don’t. Lacking definitive intuition, we’re left to our own devices as well...
Interesting Take on Propane Pricing
Posted on July 11, 2013
I came across an interesting article today that talks about the current propane to crude ratio as well as explaining the recent history of that ratio and how things have changed a bit.  You...

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