Market commentary and analysis are provided by Jon Miller, Marketing RepresentativeJon Miller Mug for NGL Supply Wholesale, LLC. Follow Jon on twitter @propanebuzz

Jon has spent more than a decade of his career analyzing energy markets and wholesaling propane to customers across the United States. He has marketed on all of the major pipelines in the United States during his career and presently focuses on meeting client needs in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and along the Dixie Pipeline.

Born and raised in Iowa, Jon began his energy career in 1996 with a company called Tri-Power Fuels.  He was either a Propane Marketing Representative or Director up until 2003 when he left the industry to pursue his lifelong dream of being a sports broadcaster.

Those dreams were fulfilled when he hosted his own national program on the Big Ten Network in 2010 as well as serving as a sideline reporter. BTN Jon has also owned and operated a few businesses during his time away from the industry.  He believes that ‘Real World’ business experience helps him better relate to propane retail business owners and managers.

Having done what he set out to do in the world of broadcasting, the energy sector drew him back in April of 2103 when he went to work for NGL Supply Wholesale.  He resides in the Tulsa area with his wife Andrea and two daughters, Grace and Mary.

Jon can be reached directly at 918-477-0533 or by email at jon.miller@nglep.com

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