Propane Builds 3.5M; Crude Sees Another Large Draw
Posted on July 19, 2017
Propane inventories grew by 3.5M/bbls this past week, according to today’s EIA inventory report. Regional Inventories: Midwest up 800,000 to 20.5 million; Gulf up 2.3 million to 37.2 million; East up 600,000 to 5.2...
Propane Sees Smaller Build, Crude Monster Draw
Posted on July 12, 2017
US propane inventories increased by only 1.7 million to 62.2 million barrels as of 7/7/17. Inventory still trails historical averages at 25.2 million below this time last year and 9.5 million below the 5-year...
Propane Builds 2.1M
Posted on July 6, 2017
The EIA reported a 2.1M/bbl build for propane this week, with domestic production falling well off the pace. Exports were reported at just 476,000/bpd, which I found a bit surprising. I suspected we’d see...
Propane Builds 3.8M; Approaching 60M/bbls
Posted on June 28, 2017
The weekly EIA report showed propane with a 3.8M/bbl build this week, pushing national stocks to 58.5M/bbls.  We’re still 23.6M/bbls behind last year’s 82.1M/bbls at this point in time, but we continue to make...
Winter Weather WAG for June 23rd, 2017
Posted on June 23, 2017
WAG…it’s an urban dictionary acronym for ‘Wild *** Guess’.  When it comes to projecting winter temps this far away from winter, WAG is an appropriate term. ‘Guess’ is probably unfair and were it truly...
Propane Stocks Continue Seasonal Build
Posted on June 21, 2017
The EIA reported that 1.8M/bbls of propane were added to inventories last week, which is in the range of what I would consider a seasonal build for this time of year; we built 1.2M/bbls...
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