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Weather Thoughts & High Prices
Posted on November 17, 2017
The European and American weather models have been in extreme disagreement as of late…about as much disagreement as one can get. This, from a couple of days ago: The 12z GFS and 12z EURO...
Propane Draws 2.5M/bbls, Gap to Last Year Widens
Posted on November 15, 2017
Propane inventories drew 2.5M/bbls for the week ending 11/10/17, according to the EIA report released this morning. National inventories now stand at 74.7M/bbls and are 26.1M/bbls lower than at the same time last year,...
Weather Buzz for November 9th, 2017
Posted on November 9, 2017
I feel like a kid in early December right now. You remember the times…the three TV networks that existed would begin rolling out their Christmas specials…Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Charlie...
Propane Draws 1.1M
Posted on November 8, 2017
Propane inventories drew down 1.1M/bbls for the week ending 11/3, according to the EIA report released this morning. National stocks are now at 77.2M/bbls, or 22.4M/bbls behind last year’s total, with a colder-looking November...
Weather Models Capitulating
Posted on November 7, 2017
It has been an interesting week in weather outlooks…well, interesting to me as I follow it closely every day. Late last week, there was a growing thought that the last two-thirds of November were...
Propane Builds 700K; Weather Moderates
Posted on November 1, 2017
Propane inventories BUILT for the week ending 10/27/17, according to the EIA report released today. This is a surprising build, because exports were predicted to be strong, and they were; 1.014M/bpd left the country...
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